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Sleeved Jackets

Custom Designed, Sleeved Heating Jackets configuration allows a way to smooth uneven shapes to permit Insulated Heating Jackets to be installed over the top.

Uneven surfaces such as valves are difficult to heat with removable Heating Jackets. Ideally, heaters such as Jackets, need to be in direct contact with the surface to allow heat two directly conduct from the heated jacket liner two the object. With uneven surfaces, air gaps are unavoidable. Air gaps cause uneven conduction which can result in hot spots. 

The Sleeve is typically roll formed Stainless Steel Sheet, having a thickness to provide mechanical shape, and a thermal receptacle to store the heat. Cutouts for obstructions (valve stem etc) are machined into the sleeve. 

The general construction of the Heating Jacket is the same as our typical cylindrical or shaped Heating Jackets. 

Once the Heating Jacket is fit over the Sleeve, the Jacket holds the sleeve in place, against the object. The combination assembly is very to remove and reinstall.

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