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Jackets & Blankets

Heating jackets use a heating element to maintain the correct temperature. This configuration can use a multi-stranded tape-type heating element or a self-regulating cable-type element to achieve the desired temperatures to ensure that gases or fluids stay at the proper temperature. Insulator jackets, unlike heating jackets, do not use a heating element to control the temperature. Instead, the insulation itself works to maintain the temperature of whatever object or fluid the jacket surrounds.

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Jackets & Blankets Products

Insulator Jacket

Custom Designed Insulation Jackets Removable Insulating Jackets are a convenient way to provide routine access to a pipe, valve, instrument or any device that has to be inspected, removed or visually ...

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Traced Jackets

Custom Heat Traced Jackets for Freeze Protection and viscosity control offer quick and easy install and removal.Traced Heating Jackets are clean, modular, low watt density heaters. These custom design...

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Sleeved Jackets

Custom Designed, Sleeved Heating Jackets configuration allows a way to smooth uneven shapes to permit Insulated Heating Jackets to be installed over the top.Uneven surfaces such as valves are difficul...

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Flat Heating Blankets

Custom Designed, Surface Heating Blankets offer an efficient way to apply heat large areas, using low watt density, efficient direct heat transfer. Smooth, consistent heat can be applied as an alterna...

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Tubular Jackets

Custom Designed, Insulated Heating Jackets offer an elegant, efficient way to apply heat onto specific shapes, using low watt density, efficient direct heat transfer. Often, efficiency is 50% or more ...

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