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Custom Flexible Heaters

- UL rated with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 200°C (392°F)
- Thermally stable to 232°C (450°F) continuous operation
- Intermittent temperatures up to 316°C (600°F)
- Remains flexible at -57°C (-70°F)
- High Dielectric Strength 400 to 600 volts per mil of thickness
- Flammability Rating: 
    - Horizontal burn rated (UL 94 HB)
- Environmentally Stable Resistant to:
    - Ozone
    - Moisture
    - Many chemicals, including those common in the environment 

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Infrared Heating Systems

Hi-Heat Industries custom designs etched foil Kapton® or polyimide heaters in various sizes, shapes, and wattages.

Kapton heaters have a thin, lightweight design (0.005″ thick), which allows close thermal contact for maximum heating efficiency and permits close adaptation to the contours of the part.

These low thermal mass heaters have fast warm-ups. Polyimides properties and the moisture resistant construction make these heating elements the preferable product in high humidity areas, wash down zones and in applications requiring repeated sterilizations.

Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™.

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Industrial Tapes

Industrial heating tapes provide efficient, economical custom heating solutions to heat small diameter tubing, pipes, hoses, laboratory reactors, pumps and other system devices. The extreme flexibility and high-quality construction of our full line of industrial tapes allow each product to work in a diverse range of situations and different applications.

There are often a unique set of circumstances and requirements for temperature regulation, and our industrial heating tapes offer versatility and adaptability to work in a broad range of environments and conditions. We understand the need for precision in an industrial setting, and we know how a fluctuating temperature can disrupt a laboratory or manufacturing center. We offer a wide range of industrial heating tapes, with varying sizes, watts-per-square-inch, voltage capacities and insulating materials.

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Jackets & Blankets

Heating jackets use a heating element to maintain the correct temperature. This configuration can use a multi-stranded tape-type heating element or a self-regulating cable-type element to achieve the desired temperatures to ensure that gases or fluids stay at the proper temperature. Insulator jackets, unlike heating jackets, do not use a heating element to control the temperature. Instead, the insulation itself works to maintain the temperature of whatever object or fluid the jacket surrounds.

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about us

About Us

For over 40 years we’ve supplied heaters and controls systems for our customers’ unique applications. Our efforts, combined with the diversity of solutions that we’ve developed, have allowed us to forge trustworthy relationships with all our principals in solving, often complex, process problems with exacting and efficient solutions. While we attempt to solve application issues using standard off-the-shelf products (to minimize costs), some of these processes have required us to design and build bespoke systems with our principals. We have been instrumental in developing new products for our principals that have proven be very successful. In recent years we’ve noticed a marked shift in the types of material being used across industries in efforts to reduce material and manufacturing cost while improving final product capabilities and specifications. Recognizing this trend we have helped numerous companies with their efforts in developing new manufacturing processes with innovative process controllers and sensors.

About The Owner

Douglas Davis, or Doug as he likes to be called, is the founder and CEO of Davis Heaters. In the industry for over 35 years now, he knows all there is to know about heaters and controllers. “I’m passionate about solving process heat problems, often by exploring alternate untried methods,” he says. His passion leads him to look for the best and most economical solution for clients.  ... Read more

What we have done for Others

While visiting a customer to discuss a potential heater process to dry a fabric and polymer material designed for industrial applications. Although a single pass air heater would perform this task the energy cost would be excessive. We supplied them ...
While installing an air heater system at a customer’s factory we burned out several heaters. With the assistance of an Athena Controls engineer we reviewed the system and brought several heaters into the Athena lab for testing. As a result, Athena ...
One of our customers stated they had a problem with their metering valves of molten metal. After the process stopped the valves became frozen and it was then difficult to warm them to a temperature where they could then function. HTS/Amptek designed ...
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